MTB around Monterey

Monterey was shrouded in dense, moist, cold, drizzling, mist when we arrived. Although we were cold at times we enjoyed the town. The port was full of seals, sea lions and sea otters, that seemed to be completely at ease. We camped at the Veterans Camp site on a hiker and biker site.

Seals, Monterey Port

Hiker and biker camp


The local tourist office supplied us with a map of Fort Ord the area closest to Monterey with singletrack, situated a few miles inland beyond the coastal fog. Fort Ord is the site of the Sea Otter Classic, one of the most publicized MTB events. So it was with great expectations we biked out of the fog into the scorching sunshine. We spent the day biking on the Fort Ord trails. It was great fun, though, of course, far from as fun as the trails in Truckee or around Lake Tahoe. The trails are not particularly technically demanding. Emphasis among the local riders seems to be to ride fast, really fast, and then there are considerable challenges.