Mountainbiking in the Wine Country

Our first real stop for mountain biking was in Santa Rosa. There is the Annadel State Park a natural preserve with some excellent singletrack. We camped in spot for hikers and bikers and enjoyed biking under the canopies of the trees. There are some nice trails, not particularly technical, though they would be difficult to ride really fast. A friendly local bike shop helped us to find some nice loops. An excellent trail map was distributed by the rangers.

For a couple of days Annadel is great fun. A lot of Bay Area bikers use it. We would gladly bike there again.

Ascent on Spring Creek

Ilsanjo Lake

 Switchback on Ridge Trail

Traverse on the Ridge Trail

Buick Trail

South Burma Trail

South Burma

North Burma Trail

Live Oak Trail

March Trail

Orchid Trail

Rough Go Trail

The reason why the trail is called Rough Go


When we felt that we had got enough of Annadel we crossed a mountain range on a buisy narrow road and came down to Calistoga, a friendly little town surrounded by wineyards. The next morning we did the famous Oats Hill Trail. It is not singletrack but an ancient mining road that is extremely gnarly and challenging. One climbs up from Calistoga with great views and some pretty difficult steps. Downhill it is pure joy.

Calistoga Camping


It is all wineyards underneath


It is all rock

Gnarly section

It was a splendid day. We would certainly do the Oats Hill again if we ever get the opportunity.