Golden at 1759 meters altitude is a pleasant suburb to Denver. It was the first place we came to in Colorado and it was our base the last days before we flew back to Sweden. There is some amazingly fine singletrack just outside the door. The best source for information about where to bike is the Jefferson County Open Space site. There are maps, trail descriptions, park rules, and other useful information.


White Ranch

White Ranch is an area three kilometers north west of Golden with splendid singletrack. It is a well tended preservation area and the attitude to mountainbiking is friendly, an excellent trail map is provided at the gate. It is also along with some other information available on line.

Climbing the Belcher Trail

Just stood there apparently untroubled by our presence

Ascending the Belcher Trail

The border to the plains is dramatic

Switchback on the Belcher Trail

A gnarly section

Rolling down a waterbar

Gully on Belcher Trail

Lower section of Belcher Trail prepared for multi-use

 Shorthorn Trail

Fun step, Longhorn Trail

More fun on Longhorn Trail

Meadow, Raw Hide Trail

Rocks and waterbars on the Mustang Trail

Rolling singletrack, Mustang Trail

Rocky section, Mustang Trail

Chimney Gulch — Apex

The Chimney Gulch and the Apex Trail make a loop just above Golden. The Chimney Gulch has some challenging, technically demanding climbs. It climbs out of Golden up to the Lookout Mountain (2357 m), a  600  meters climb. The  view over  Golden  and  Denver is  splendid.  A  short stretch of paved road  takes one to the Apex Trail; which is a  fast  fun  downhill, with plenty of  water bars, and some intersting steps.

Jim and Elisabeth Climbing the Chimney Gulch

Switchback Chimney Gulch

Mildly technical section on the Apex Trail

Dakota Ridge — Red Rocks Trail

Immediately south of the I70 is an area known as Matthews/Winters Park. There are also some splendid trails. A fine loop consists of riding the Dakota Ridge, also known as Dinosaur Ridge on some maps, and the Red Rocks Trail. The Dakota Ridge has some rather difficult sections, rocky chutes, drops, ledges, etc. The Red Rocks trail is an easy, fast and fun, undulating singletrack.

Rocky bit, Dakota Ridge Trail

One really senses one is on a narrow ridge, Dakota Ridge Trail

Hard to find better, Dakota Ridge

Spinning along the Red Rocks Trail

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