A short trip to the Alps

In June 2005 we got two weeks of unexpected holiday and took the opportunity to drive down to the Alps, a long drive for just two weeks. We went to some of the spots where we liked the mountain biking best in 2000, Engadine, Livigno and Lago di Garda.

Loading up the car


Ronnie & Inger


We camped for the night in Puttgarden, next to Ronnie and Inger from Uppsala, again in a rainy Lichenstein, and made our first real stop in Sankt Moritz. There we rode som of our favourite trails from 2000. The weather was splendid and the riding good.  The first day we rode the steep uphill to Alp Surlej.

Camping  Olympiaschanze

Heavy upphill to Alp Surlej

Slow going

Almost there

The view

The second day we rode the winding singletrack to Maloja, following the southern shores of the lakes there and riding a high traverse on our return.  It was a splendid outing!

Assembling  the bikes  in the morning

Passing a waterfall

Along the valley floor

High on the meadows of Isola


The next day we crossed the passes to Livigno.  Heavy clouds were hanging over Livigno, giving the place a melancholic autumnlike feeling, so we only did one ride, up and across the Alpisella Pass, and decided to head for Lago di Garda the next day via the Stelvio Pass and Maddonna di Campiglio.

Camping in Livigno

Bridge on the trail to Alpisella

Large switchback

High altitutde lake

A break

On the crest of the Alpisella Pass

Passo Stelvio

Dramatic road

The Brenta Towers

At Lago di Garda we stayed in the Camping al Porto in Torbole and rode in the mountains on both sides of the lake. Our first day we headed up to the Segalla Hut via Molina and joined the Tremalzo trail for the best bit, the only real singletrack on it.  There  were some obvious differenences since we last were riding it. The lower parts of the trail on the old tunneled roads outside Riva have been spruced up. The no access sign were gone, replaced by signs with mountain bike ethics.

Camping al Porto

Strenuous ascent from Molinas

Joining the main trail from Tremalzo

Singletrack at last

Stunning views

Passo Rocchetta


The old road  from Pregasina

Approaching Riva

The second day we did the Dossa Spirano trail on the steep slopes on the east side of the lake, a strenuous ascent of almost 1200 metres followed by a steep technical singletrack with plenty of baby heads and staggering views down to the lake.


Singletrack at last

Water bar

Baby heads


Overlooking Lago di Garda


The  third day we took the shuttle up to Tremalzo. It costed us 15 Euro each and allowed us to coast for hours back down to Riva and Torbole. Most of the Tremalzo ride consists of fire road but there is also a  nice section with fine singletrack beyond the Segalla Hut.

Stoving the bikes

On top of Tremalzo

Setting off



Great fun for a fire road

The road ahead

Another tunnel


Above Lago di Garda

Passo Rocchetta

Garda is windsurfing Mecca

Cold even in late June

When Lago di Garda felt too hot for us we bet on driving to Nauders in Austria, over the Timmeljoch. However, when we arrived  the camping place appeared half deserted and uninviting; and we could not find fuel for our kerosene stove so we decided to go back to Sankt Moritz and do the Suvretta Pass, an epic ride which involves crossing a 2615 metres pass pushing and carrying some bits.  One ascends through the Bever Valley, beyond the Suvretta Alp it is singletrack, some of it is just nice twisting undulating alpine path but there are also some hairy sections with rock gardens.

Assembling the bikes

Engadine landscape

Ascent in Bever Valley


Fine singletrack

Crossing a stream

It does not get better


A few metres of carrying

Crossing another stream

Snow on high elevation

Lake, Bernina Alps


Keeping the cattle in

Too  interested

The next day we set off on the long drive back to Sweden, crossing first the beautiful Albula Pass, going on to Davos and Klosters before we hit the autobahn. On the drive home we spend midsummer night in Rottenburg and a second night in Sönderballe on the Danish Baltic coast.

Disassembling the bikes

Albula Pass

Port of Lindau Insel

Midsummer in Rottenburg

Our neighbours had a miniature midsummer pole


Sönderballe, scandinavian midsummer day idyll

Aacross the bridge back to Sweden

We had some excellent singletrack and saw some really beautiful land, it was a splendid holiday. The major drawback was all the driving. Sankt Moritz and Lago di Garda is far, we winded up spending as much time driving as riding, if we would do it again we would make sure to have more time so we could drive less and ride more.

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