Leh — Manali via Tso Moriri and Tso Kar



 Leh‘s bazaar from the ancient castle. 

Women marketing local produce. 



Indus east of Leh .


Camp in the Indus Valley.








Camp above Mahe.




Kiagar La, 5000+ 




First sighting of Tso Moriri, a brackish lake at 4200 m.




Karzok village.




Camping below Karzok Gompa.



Tso Moriri.



Leaving Karzok



Inundated road by Tso Moriri.



Tso Moriri



Dusty road heading back to Kiagar La 




Latå of Kiagar La 






Puga village.



Puga valley. There is a geyser in the back ground.





Local placing a prayer flag at Polakongka La, 5115. The fellow

actually cycled up on an old Indian clonker from Puga.



Tso Kar 4268. 



Taking a day off. 




Elisabeth at the Kyang Plains. 



Pang resturant



Photo stop, ascent of Lachalung La.




Loading up with clean water, ascent of Lachalung La.




Crest of Lachalung La.





Camp in Whisky Nala.  Early morning snow on the tent.





Bharatpur. In the foreground are Bihari road workers camps.




Baralachala, ascent from the north.




At the top of Barachala La 4892.



Suraj Kund



Lahuli road down to Keylong. 


Keylong bazaar. 




Chandra Baga from ascent of Rothang Jot. The road at the valley floor goes to Spiti via Kunzum La.



These two guys jumped out of a military truck and insisted to have

their picture taken with us at the top of Rothang Jot.




Honeymooning Indians at the top of Rothang Jot 3978.




First view of Manali,  at the very bottom,

56 km of freewheeling ahead.




Nurgis Mayflower Hotel.