Mountainbiking in Italy


Heading back to the Alps we stayed first for a couple of days in Riva by Lago di Garda. We camped at Camping Bavararia. Yes, there were many Germans. Most were bikers and wind surfers.

Not that there is anything wrong with Torbole but Riva is a nicer town with a real medieval centre.

Camping Bavaria

Bavaria Camping

The first day we climged up to Campi and went down to Riva on a trail with plenty of baby heads. A nice afternoon.

Elisabeth negotiating baby heads

Then, we bet on the Passo Nota,   We drove  to Limone and climbed a narrow mountain road to Vesio where we parked outside town. Teletexting Fredrik, who had recommended the route to us, for instructions. He has some amazing photos from Passo Nota on his www-pages.  We began to climb the trail 218. It was strenuous climbing, and a confusing maze of trails in which we somehow lost the correct route. So we found ourselves hiking the bikes for long sections up some really steep terrain. It was less than fun.  After a lot of pushing we crossed a watershed and joined a better trail. From then on it was smooth riding along a traversing narrow trail to Bocca di Fobia. The descent back down to Vesio was pure joy.

Assembling the bikes at Vesio parking

Steep ascent

Some riding for a change in the hike-a-biking

Less than fun


A corner on Trail 218

Tunneling on 218

Descending to Vasio

Of course we had to make the shuttled Tremalzo ride too. We went to Torbole and took the shuttle. Athough it was full, the friendly people who operated it managed to squize us in. The day was overcast, so we were riding in the clouds for a while. At least i was not hot.

Unloading on the summit of Tremalzo

Riding in fog


Singletrack at last

Passo Rocchetta

Gnarly singletrack

The old road to Riva

We also rode the Dossa Spirano trail, a favourite from out previous visits to Lago di Garda in 2000 and 2005.  It beginns with a long climb gaining 1100 metres of altitude from Torbole. Then, it is all down hill on  a gnarly trails that was built during the first world war. There are switchbacks and baby heads. It is a splendid ride. One of the best by Lago di Garda.

Lots of lose rocks


Lago di Garda in the fond

Winding singletrack