Travelling by jeep from New Dehli to Manali.

Nurgis May Flower hotel in Manali.


Meeting friends at the road block above Marhi.



The road block that held up all but bikers.


 The first Himalayan Pass Rothang Jot 3978.



Seeing our friends again, on the north side of Rothang Jot.




First night camping.

Second night.



Approaching the crest of Kunzum La, 4551m. Note the deviation of the road around the cairn on the crest, the latå, all vehicles circumambulate it clockwise.



 The latå of Kunzum La.



 Elisabeth changing break pads before the descent to Kaza.



 Lhosar, 4059m, first village of Spiti, welcomes visitors in Tibetan and English.




 Section of the road between Kiato and Kaza. Be glad if you are on a bike and not on a local bus. 





Kaza bazaar.

Milarepa Guest house on the outskirts of Kaza.




Dangkar Gompa and ancient palace.


 Spiti landscape.


 Kibar,  claims to be the worlds highest inhabited village at 4205m



 The road to Kibar was very mucky.