Choglamsar. Pavillion raised by the local colony of exile Tibetans.



Thiksey Gompa‘s resturant



Taktak Gompa 




Taking in the hay.



Having a break in the shade. 



Chang La is up there


 Views from the ascent of Chang La from Ladakh.



Chang La.  Some 5400 m. 




Biking friends in Tankse. 



 Aproaching Pangong Lake Yaks on pasture.



First glimpse of Pangong Lake 4200. 











View eastward. The mountains in the far distance are in Tibet



Pangong views




Snow was falling on the high ranges as we returned to Tankse



View back to Pangong



Elisabeth crossing a ford



Indian geologists who  kindly invited us for dinner back in Tankse .







 Taking a break






View back toward Tankse, heading for Chang La. 




Cooking Lunch




Enjoying the lunch break.  





The foot of Chang La. 



Camping at Tsultak below Chang La.    


At the watershed of Chang La.






Section of the road. 



The road down to the green Indus Valley. 




 Thiksey Gompa






Black smith making a new part for us. The rack holding a
front bag snapped in the early morning cold at Chang La.