MTB Around Uppsala

You will find descriptions of most trails in the vicinity of Uppsala here. There are some absolutely marvelous trails around. In Uppsala we have excellent relationships with hikers, hunters, dog owners, land owners, bird watchers, joggers etc, and we like to maintain good relations, so there are some local ethics.

There are several areas that offers excellent MTB-trails around Uppsala. The descriptions here are in Swedish but can easily be used by non-swedish speaking people. The maps and the gradings will be sufficient to get you started. Though we would recommend that you got some good orienteering maps. These are known as ‘orienteringskartor’ in Swedish and are available in the local book shops and in the pharmacies.

The most frequently used trail is Gula Stigen (lit., the Yellow Path), Röda stigen, and some trails along the morraine ridge that runs through Uppsala. Map: no need just follow the yellow and red marking.   

Gula Stigen

The absolutely best area is Lunsen, a forest that has been turned into a huge nature preserve south east of Uppsala. Lunsen has technical trails of all levels of difficulty and is something of the North Shore of Uppsala. In the heart of the forest is a replica of an old homestead that is open to the public. Fresh cold and clean water is available from a hand pump. Map: Norra Lunsen Fritidskarta 1:10 000 or Lunsen Fritidskarta 1:15 000. 
Flottsund — Bergsbrunna
Nåsten is a large wood west of Uppsala and has a network of excellent technical trails. Map: Nåsten 1:10 000. 
Hammarskog is a recreational area south west of Uppsala, beutifully situated at the Ekoln Lake. A trail, used for skiing in the past when the winters were white, goes through Nåsten to Hammarskog. Map: Fritidskarta, Uppsala kommun 1:75000. 
Hammarskog — Dalkarlskärret
Berthåga and Börje are MTB areas north west of Uppsala close to the Student Town. Suitable for shorter rides. Maps: Stenhagen 1:10000 for Berthåga and Börje 1:10000 for Börje. 

Morga is a preservation area along the shores of Ekoln south of Uppsala. It is extremely beautiful and can be very crowded. People from Uppsala come out to have picknicks, bask in the sun, swim, jog, walk their dogs, etc. The trails are mostly hardpack and invite high speeds. Hence, it is absolutely essential to plan ahead, keep speeds down to 10 km/hr or less where the view is obstructed, and be nice and friendly to hikers. 

North-west of Uppsala is the path of Linné and a lake, Siggefora, where some out off the way single track is found. Map: Fritidskarta, Uppsala kommun 1:75000.
Siggefora Lake
Siggefora — Bredsjön

South of Uppsala is the southern extension of the Upplands Path, a network of well marked trails named after the county. A complete set of maps and trail descriptions is avaiable in Swedish. Map: Fritidskarta, Uppsala kommun 1:75000. 
Södra Upplandsleden

Storskogen (lit., Large forest) is a large forest between Uppsala and Storvreta. Map: Storvreta – Gälla 1:15000.

In Skölsta, east of Uppsala, is a technical trail that is great fun. Map: Vedyxa 1:10000.

If you are looking for riding partners Friluftsfrämjandet, arranges a ride every sunday from early spring till late autumn. The ride starts at Sunnerstastugan at twelve a clock. It tends to be a fast ride on the hard pack trails of Morga, a preservation area along the eastern shore of Ekoln Lake. Every one is welcome.

Friluftsfrämjandet is also, together with Uppsala cykelklubb (Cycle Club of Uppsala), behind an official MTB-track that has been constructed at Sunnerstaåsen just next to Sunnerstastugan.

You will find a map with the MTB areas here on the Swedish pages.

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