Zongdian — Daju

Dali bazaar 
Playing cards 
Naxi Ladies, Lijang 
Herbal doctor 
Local taxi 
Doctor Ho showing 
his credentials 
Lijang market 
Lijang, river 
Tibetan village outside Zongdian 
Zongdian, shot from 
an empty gompa 
Hiking around the 
Bitahai Lake 
Trekking through lush valleys 
Lets go and check 
out the foreigners 
Haba Snow Mountain 
is in there somewhere 
Baishui Tai 
Having a horse to carry
for a day 
Gaining altitude 
Tea break, the horse 
could not make it further 
Haba Snow Mountain 
The lake underneath 
Fery Yangzi River 
Daju Bazaar 
Naxi girls 
Naxi ladies 
Night bus 
Destruction of old Kunming 

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