Padum — Hemis

Riding shikara in Srinagar
Honey mooners 
Copy cats 
Along Tsarap 
Tsarap in spate of monsoon rains 
Riding a yak 
Lugging our stuff on a horse for a day 
Towards Purni 
Bridge by Phuktal 
Phuktal Gompa  
situated in a cave 
Child monks, Phuktal 
Loading our gear on a donkey 
Unexpectedly we found ourselves travelling with four donkeys, a donkey driver, and a monk   
Tea break 
Rope bridge across Niri 
Our monk friend and interpreter 
Second bridge of Niri. The donkeys refused to cross it; so on the other side we were on our own again. 
Crest of the north route around Tso Tok Phu 
 Tso Tok Phu 
Making bread 
Shallow lake above Tso Tok Phu 
Wading across 
Camp in the gorges above Tso Tok Phu 
Snow bridge 
Camp below Nishing La 
View south from Nishing La 
View north west 
North slope of Nishing La 
Camp Nishing Tokpo 
Descent to Lapurba 
Khurna gorge 
Fording Khurna 
First sign of humans  
for ten days 
Ibex on the ridge tearing down lose rubble 
Ascent of Zalung Karpo La 
Latå of Zalung Karpo La 
Kang Yisay 
Using a donkey to the crest of Kongmaru La 
South slope of Konmaru La 5300 in August 
Latå of Kongmaru La 
Resturant of Hemis Gompa 
Hemis Gompa 
The approach to Hemis from Martselang 
Leh bazaar 
Marketing turnips 
 Kerosene, dried apricots, etc. 
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